Friday, July 08, 2005

Garage floor poured, Primed - bed1

Friday, July 8

We finally have a floor in our garage!!! Tim and I had gone to the house to paint and to our surprise, we couldn't get to the front door cause the front concrete platform had being poured. Since there's such a height difference at the moment, we knew we wouldn't be able to reach the door without a ladder. We checked the garage door, opened it up and had a pleasant surprise of see a floor.

We had to do some interesting ladder acrobatics to get into the house, in order not to disturb the concrete platform. After getting into the house, we then started our long awaited painting project. There were 5 of us..... Tim, my parents, our friend Laura and myself. We finished up the master bedroom. We're using a tinted primer, so that we'll have an easier time with coverage, when we use the actual paint.

The main color of the house and color of the primer is pebble courtyard, which is a warm beige. We'll actually be painting the master bed a two-tone of blue and aqua, but it was either buy individual cans and tint each primer, or buy a couple of buckets and tint them all the same.

We're using Behr paint and it's going on very nicely. We heard many good things about it, like that it has little spatter...... but besides that there was a really awesome rebate sale going on.... and we had a good decent amount of gift cards saved up for HomeDepo :)

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