Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Trim delivery and personality conflicts

Tuesday, July 5

Today was..... um... interesting.
I was told recently, that when I have a laps in my blog, it usually is a good indication that we've had some sort of issue. Hmmm.... I guess that does happen.... although lately it's because I haven't had a chance, but yes... I do have something to vent about......

It started with the trim being delivered to the site. When I got there at 9:45am, the 10am truck was already there and being unloaded by Mike and Joe, who were nice enough to personally help unload. We had to store the trim in the great room, due to the garage floor not being poured yet. We've been inquiring about the floor being pour for over a month, but we're still waiting.

Anyways....... last week, Tim and Joe actually got into a heated discussion about some plumbing issues. I was still miffed about Joe upsetting Tim as much as he had, but I bit my tongue and promised myself that I wouldn't say anything, unless he stared being aggressive.

During the building process, I've learned there are 2 kinds of personalities in the building process. Those that are customer oriented, with people skills and those who are construction oriented with little or no people skills.

You never know who's going to have which personality and if you're like Tim and I...... like being involved, have creative personalities and are use to talking to people with people skills, it's hard to deal with contractors that aren't like that. The framers and the electrician were construction subcontractors, yet they had people skills and were awesome to work with. We really enjoyed the professionalism that they had!! The septic guy, well.... yeah..... annnyways *roll eyes*. We've also clashed with our foreman many times.

Unfortunately, we need a foreman, cause Mike can't do everything by himself, but arrrgggg, talk about personality clashes. Tim and my first impression of Joe was that he didn't even want to be on the project to begin with as he admitted he was talked into the job as a favor. We've pretty much been biting our tongues ever since, esp the times he's flung guilt trips for having to come to our site, instead of being at his favored site. He also has a very-very annoyingly unprofessional habit of aggressively interrupting, talking over and raising his voice (even though he feels he doesn't).

This all led to me loosing my cool today, raising my voice and yelling at our foreman to never interrupt me again, after he cut me off, in a condescending manor. I just couldn't bit my tongue anymore.

We were chatting onsite, this morning, about some plumbing had to be re-routed, due to the high water table in the area. My understanding was that the plumbing would be contained, in a cubby hole in the basement, and would lead to a pump, in the same cubby hole. Regardless of if I was understanding correctly or not, I was interrupted and spoken to in a very condescending manner, which took the cake. So I spoke up about it and yelled at him for speaking to Tim that way as well.

The humorous thing was that he denied doing it to Tim, at the same time he was doing it to me. It's amazing to me how the guy totally blocks the fact that he does that. I was like.... you're doing it right now!!!!!. I had it with him..... and let him know. Mike actually had to step in. Mike, on the other hand, was.... and always has handled issues in a professional manner..... which I'm thankful for and the reason why we still have confidence in Barden. It ended with Mike taking Joe off site, so that everyone could cool off.

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