Saturday, July 16, 2005

Painting - finishing blue/aqua

Saturday, July 16

How refreshing it will be to wake up in room that's as blue as a summer's sky and minty fresh *giggle*. I loooooove it. Love it. It's so freakn cool walking into the master bedroom and seeing the blue and aqua together. We're going to keep the natural color of the pine and just poly it. The lightness of that and the natural bamboo should look fantastic together and keep it airy a light feeling.

Yesterday my parents and I painted a bit. I painted the rest of the master bedroom, with the aqua paint and my parents finished of the 2nd bedroom, which is 2-tone the pebble courtyard and stone brown, which actually looks like the darker primer color, that I bought by accidently, ironically enough.

Also.... I noticed that the darn mold and mildew paint, I got for the bathroom, was also tinted the same darker tine, so i had to redo that, but it didn't take too long, considering their not big. I didn't bother doing where the tiles will go.... cause, it's pointless to do it, when it'll be covered up.

Next will be the family room and the 3rd bedroom. I can't wait.... I get to finally paint my tara-cotta wall :)

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Vicky said...

Ooooh...Very pretty colors. I hope you're both doing well, and that the stress isn't getting to you to much. Just only a short few months, you'll be married!! And living in YOUR house that YOU did work on. It will feel so wonderful to walk through those doors, and hug your husband/wife!! I'm so happy for you is starting to look really nice. I can't wait to see the floors...and the Terra Cata.!
Take Care!! And enjoy the process! Before to long it will only be a memory.