Saturday, July 09, 2005

Primed - bath1, bed2, family room

Saturday, July 9

With awesome help from my Dad and our friends Laura, Jack and Gina, we were painting nuts and primed the upper bathroom, 2nd bedroom and the family room. We used most of the first 5 gal bucket of primer. Even though the drywall sucked it up, the primer covered very well and we don't think that we'll need a second coat.

The 2nd bedroom, which will be our office, will have one wall (closet area) painted a slightly darker tint than the primer. We thought it would be kinda cool, when you see the room from the hall, to see the variation of wall colors.

Already, it gives the house a warmer feeling, just looking up toward the upper hallway, now that it has the warm colored paint.

The family room looks awesome already and it's not even the actual paint yet. I can't wait to see what the sim-skylights will look like with the lights inside. The entrance wall of the family room will have the terra-cotta color painted on it. It was between that wall and one of the outside walls. The outside wall would've been a "wow" wall for visiting guests, but we decided not too, cause we wouldn't have been able to enjoy it with it being behind where we'll put the couch.

It was sooo stress relieving to get as much done as we had. Although, during when I was painting lower hallway, I looked a Laura and expressed my thought of having to paint it all over again with the regular paint, after the primer was done. At that point I had a new admiration for professional painters.

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