Thursday, July 14, 2005

Painting blue/aqua. Primer whoooops

Thursday, July 14

Finally.... finally we got to paint the room, I've been dying to paint colors in..... the master bedroom. Tim and I painted our Utah Sky blue walls and ceiling. I learned my lesson yesterday, from being impatient, with putting the painters tape on too soon, so we're going to wait til tomorrow to mask off where the aqua will go.

I came very close to buying one of those edging brushes, but I'ver heard that if your walls aren't completely straight, it has issues. With the tape, if the wall is crooked, you can still make the tape straight, which gives the illusion the walls are more straight, It's a pain to use the tape, but I think it's worth it.

In the mean time, while the blue is drying, Tim painted the closet aqua, so at least we could see what it looks like. The color is called Refreshing Pool and it looks it. It's a very light and airy feeling color and I can't wait to see what the blue and aqua look like next to each other.

We also started on painting the pebble courtyard in the 2nd bedroom and made an interesting discovery. Can we say "whooooops". So there I was trimming out the corners of the 2nd bedroom, cocking my head and squinting my eyes at the color I'm painting over to the primer color. Yep... you guessed it.... the primer was the wrong color. Well.... that's what I get for pointing to the swatch and not saying the color aloud. It was the tint below, which was a tab darker. It's close enough we didn't notice until now. We checked and thankfully the actual paint is all the correct colors, just the primer was the darker tint.

I've been told to take it back and complain, but it wasn't their fault for me being unclear. And besides that, we needed to get more primer anyways..... so we figure we'll just get the correct color for the great room and we'll use the rest of the darker primer in the garage. That way, nothing is wasted and it all works out.

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