Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bamboo pickup. Painting - bathroom colors

Wednesday, July 13

Today was exciting! We picked up our bamboo flooring today. Our salesman said that it's about a ton, all together. Yeah.... a ton *raise eyebrow*. My brother's Chevy had taken on most of the weight, by taking an entire pallet on his truck. It was pretty humorous to see my brother's truck be weighed down that much. I swear it dropped a foot. My Dad was also nice enough to help, with his Jimmy.

Then the 4 of us unloaded the 38 boxes in the garage. Each was about 40 or so pounds. errrrr..... *flex muscles* :)

After the guys left, I headed off to paint the bathrooms. I started with painting the mold and mildew paint, which we tinting the pebble courtyard. Several people that I knew, including my parents, used this paint in their bathrooms, and it really does help in moist areas to paint this stuff.

A couple hrs later, laura came over and we finally got to pop open that can of that blue Utah Sky paint, that I've been dying to paint. It was awesome! I looooove the color. We taped off the pebble courtyard color and painted the 2-toned room.

Word of warning.... that blue painters tape......... A. get the low-tack one and B. no matter how much you're itch'n to see the room done, wait 24 hrs, before putting the darn tape on. It works so much better if your patient, unlike I was. *roll eyes*. Well..... live and learn.

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