Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Primer - great room started

Tuesday, July 19

Tim and I started priming the great room today. It was later in the day, but we at least wanted to start on the front living room wall, by the fireplace. This time we're using the correct color, so it will be easier to go over it with the regular paint.

It is the last room we're paint and started on the primer felt so good. Tomorrow, I'm taking off from work and I'm going to try and prim the ceiling. That's my goal for tomorrow.

When we were leaving, there was this phenomenal full moon and clouds. It was so awesome that I had to grab a pic of it. This was the first time I've actually seen the house at night with a light shining through the front window It was cool site. And I must say, our house has a cool silhouette :)

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