Saturday, March 25, 2006

Panel Curtains - Master Bedroom

Saturday, March 25

Tim and I started to install the panel curtains in the Master Bedroom today. We started with the side window. This way we'd finally have a curtain in between us and neighbors...... not that the cardboard wasn't doing the trick :)

Anyways..... in the master, we decided to do a little different application of the panels. The panels can be either suspended off the wall, like how we had in the family room, or off the ceiling. We decided that the ceiling would make for an interesting look.

So instead of the wall brackets, we installed the ceiling fixtures that would suspend the track off the ceiling. Originally I we wanted to hang the curtains from ceiling all the way to the floor, but while we were assembling decided to just suspend the side panels to the end of the window frame. That way the bed night-stand wouldn't be in the way of it. The back window will be able to be hung all the way to the floor though.

We installed 2 tracks, so that it would be a little bit more room darkening. I totally fell in love with a blue material that matched our blue tones perfectly, although it's more of a translucent material, so we added a 2nd track to give it more a room-darkening effect.

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