Saturday, March 04, 2006

Slip Covers, Chairs & My Bday

Saturday, March 4

While Tim was getting the house ready for company, I had taken a bday trip to Ikea, with my parents, who were happy to get me for a couple hours to themselves. On the way there, first picked up the slip covers at the shipping pickup. After that I was on my mission to find our airy and movable living room furniture.

I found just what I was looking for, unfortunately...... *roll eyes*, the color slip cover was out of stock..... figures, right? Anyways.... I decided to purchase the chairs anyways and just come back another time for the color I'd like better. I also found the footstools that people would be able to move and sit where they pleased.

As a bday gift, my parents picked up the tab for some of the items that I had put in my cart. One of which was my mobile. Actually, it's the same one that I had hung in my office a few years back. I wanted a little splash of red in the great room and this was perfect. It's just such a fun piece of art to me.

They also decided to treat me to a fun fleece blanket for the family room and a side table, that will go next to the easy chairs in the great room.

When we finally got back, Tim and I had just enough time to squeeze in getting the slip covers on. I was soooo happy to see them on finally. They look so much better than the blankets :) I love the color and am happy we toughed out the long wait to receive them. It goes with everything and we can choose any colors to accent the room.... like for instance... my fun fleece blanket :)

After we got the slip covers on, I started assembling the easy chairs, which I was still assembling after our guests started arriving. Luckily, I have the type of friends that get amused by my antics :)

I'm glad I had finished assembling the chairs, cause that is exactly where our gang hung out for the rest of the night. In front of the fireplace seems to be a comfortable place for people to hang.... which is what we had hoped for. And now with the addition of a couple of easily movable footstools and chairs, people can just hang where they want. Other place people hung were the dinning area table and of course, the kitchen counter.

My Dad, during the party also assembled a small side table for people to eat pizza on.... well... almost... people ate a bit faster than my low-on-battery cordless screwdriver could assemble it :) I really wanted Tim to cook for the party, cause I love his cooking, but he decided that would take him away from being with me (awww), so pizza and wings it was.

I got lots of cool gifts and gift cards I can't wait to use.... lots for the house.... like a knife set my Brother and his family got for me and an awesome asian set, with chopsticks, from Tim's parents.

It was a lot of fun having everyone over for a birthday party. The best part was being able to have everyone in the great room all at once. I love having a great room!

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