Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Panel Curtains - Family Room cont.

Tuesday, March 21

After getting back, from going out to dinner for my brother's bday, I started assembling the panels for the back family room window. The panel curtains are interesting to assemble. They definitely take a bit of patience. First I cut the panels to the length I wanted, then I had to assemble the top and bottom rail parts. The bottom is a weight basically and the top is the part that gets slid into the rail. It's pretty easy to assemble, just screw it all together with a little allen wrench, but assembling it so that it hangs straight...... well.... that's where the patience comes in.

All in all, once I got the hang of it, it wasn't bad. After I was done, Tim helped me hang up the curtains. We decided that we'd needed a forth panel, in order to cover all of the window, unfortunately, we just needed a single track and not the 3 track rails we had purchased. I'll just get a couple the next time I hit Ikea.

Even with just 3 panels, it looks so cool. We really liked the look of it. It's a very clean look. I loved the fact that we decided to have one of the panels different. It's a bit sheer and gives a very light airy feel to the room.

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