Sunday, March 19, 2006

Curtain Shopping

Sunday, March 19

I never thought I'd say this.... but we had gone curtain shopping today :) me? I'm so not the curtain shopper type of gal. I'd rather go tool shopping :) Although it was at Ikea, so it I had plenty of things to keep my mind busy.

Awhile back, when we were carpet shopping at Abbott Decor, we had seen panel curtains. They're vertically hung panels that move on a track system. At the moment, our budget is shaping our decor purchases though, so we decided to go with an Ikea version for now.

We loved the panel curtain idea and thought that they go fantastically well with the glider windows we have. The cool part about it is that the panels don't have to all be the same. The panels can have different colors or patterns or whatever we want.

So, we loaded up a cart full of panels, tracks and brackets. It was packed.... and I do mean packed full of stuff. We also picked up slip covers, for our easy chairs, and a few more cutlery sets that we've been waiting to be in stock.

It was exciting to go shopping for everything. Now we just have to find the time to install everything. We'll be doing it probably one room at a time. First we'll do the family room. We can finally get rid of the ugly tile board we have coving the windows.... yippee :)

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