Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Met w/ Excavator

Wednesday, March 23

Today I took a 1/2 day at work and Tim and I met with our excavators at 10am at the lot.

Prior to meeting with them, I made up a diagram In Illustrator (being the goofy Graphic Designer that I am) of the property with the placement of where the house, driveway and tress we want to try and keep. As we were walking the property, he said it was very helpful to have.

We walked the property with the 2 excavators. They measured how far back the front and back of the house would be, to give us a better idea of what tress had to go. After staking that, it was evident that there aren't a whole lot of trees we feel we'll be able to save.

Tim and I walked the property after they left and started marking keepers with tape. It was very interesting walking around the lot. It wasn't very easy to walk through all the trees and brush to mark things off. In fact... it was amusing at one point... some ice starting cracking underneath me, where it's a big swampy, and Tim tried to stop me from falling. Unfortunately, after I feel through, Tim was too close and so do he. Having your feet submerged in a foot of ice water, on a 30 degree day, is NOT fun..... but I bet it will make for a funny story in the future.

As far as the trees go.... it was pretty sad. All the trees we'd love to keep are in the front, right smack where the house and septic will be going. In the front are the nice plump trees and then it tapers off to brush at the end.... so the areas we will be able to keep, will probably be the goofy brush. Figures!

Later, after I got to work, during an im with my Mom, she pep-talked me and said starting over won't be so bad.... and reminded me of the trees we planted, not long ago, that are huge now.

Talked to Tim - Mike called.... he said that he ordered the Superior Walls and they should be delivered by the 7th of April. And a couple of days prior, the hole will be dug for them. He also said that the AdvanTech floors turned out to be about 200 more than the plywood, but in the whole scheme of it, Tim and I both agreed it's worth it. Also... the samples for our stone veneer are in and told Tim he could pick them up.

Talked to Tim again - He said he talked to Mike again. He said that they'll clear the driveway tomorrow morning. I guess the surveyor wants to stake out the house on Monday... so they are pushing the excavator to clear the land asap. So.... they'll do the driveway, then in the afternoon, bring in the "Big" trucks and clear the lot.
I was like "woah that was fast!" I wasn't expecting this to happen til next next week.

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