Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hidden Path - Started

Saturday, July 21

Today I started on the "hidden" path in the backyard. One of my garden books stated something I found interesting. It stated that you can make a space feel bigger when having a hidden space with a winding path to get there. Basically it makes the space feel bigger if you can't see the parameters of the area.

My neighbors actually has their backyards cleared and all grass. That just doesn't do it for me. I like more of the outdoor room feel or areas to look at and wonder around. The Complete Guide to Landscaping book had a sketch of a plan with a path and a hidden area. I liked it so much, I was inspired to add a path to our landscape plan.

Well, before we can have a path, the area needs to be cleared. Today I started clearing the large circular area behind the house that will become an open grass area.. When we build the patio are next year, most of the lawn area will be covered, so some of the trees and brush will be cleared so that we can still have an open area beyond the patio. It'll be lined with more ornamental trees, such as the Kwanzan Flowering Cherry, that's on order. Tim's also going to plant a Chestnut tree there as well.

After we clear the open area, I'll start on the path.

After I came up with a plan, I started hacking away and cutting through some of the brush we have in the backyard. The plan calls for 65 feet off the house, for the circular cleared area. So I cleared a path straight back to mark it off. Just doing that was a lot of work. Um... this might take a while.

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