Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Flowers & Tools

Tuesday, July 17

One of the projects coming up that I wanted to work on is a path through the backyard. To do this, I wanted to buy a small chainsaw. I decided to buy one that works with the batteries with my Grasshog. It's a Black and Decker chainsaw that I bought at Lowes.

It has an 8in blade, so it can cut a fair amount of things that we have in the yard. Anything bigger and I'll just ask my dad to come over with his gas powered one.

While at Lowes I also was drawn to another Asiatic Lily. This one is smaller than the other ones and has eye catching orange peddles that I couldn't resist.

Speaking of flowers, my Gladiolus are doing fantastic. I love seeing them when I'm pulling into the driveway.

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