Saturday, July 14, 2007

Garage - Red Door & FastTracks

Saturday, July 14

Today I feel like I had accomplished things. I checked 2 things off my list... painting the final coat of red on the back door and installing more Rubbermaid FastTracks. The garden tool corner was starting to feel a bit overwhelming and I ran out of hanger room on the existing FastTrack hangers I installed last year. So up went some more.

The corner looks organized again. I love this system... it's a great system. And now with more hangers I can organize things better and thus find things better. The Grasshog even has it's own hanger.

Now I just had to find a spot for larger items, like the push reel mower, by Great States Corp., my Grandmother game me. I have fond memories of my late Great Aunt Frances using ones like it when I was a kid. Mine yard will never be like hers, but I think she'd be proud of me.

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