Thursday, July 12, 2007

Day off and planting

Thursday, July 12

Today is my Dad's birthday, and beside taking off the day for him, I thought in between seeing Harry potter and dinner time I'd plant some things. I decided to have a little stone crop area by the Magnolia tree. I've already planted a couple of Ice Plants and Sedum's there already. So I planted Tim's parents Sedum and Hen & Chicks next to them. I also replanted and placed the Cactus in the gravel.

I also repotted and placed the Halcyon Hostas in the rock garden as well. The moment I had seen the Halcyon Hostas I had to get them..... not only do I like the coloring, but my Dad and my boat is name Halcyon.

The Gladiolus are doing well in the rock garden. I'm especially excited about seeing these bloom cause I planted them from a bulb. It's the first things I've ever planted from scratch in my own yard, that wasn't bought in and already in bloom.

I'm also having fun with the ornamental grass my Dad gave me. I love when it blows in a breeze, esp with sunlight behind it. It gives a lushness to the rock garden.

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