Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Deck - Town Hall Visit

Tuesday, August 5

Eighteen years ago, when my parents built a deck, they didn't need to give too much info to the town hall. Basic dimensions and plans was all they needed and they didn't need a permit. We didn't know what to expect, being so many years later, but I gave Tim some basic dimensions to go to the town hall with to check it out.

He called me in the afternoon and told me that they need everything. And I mean everything.... the plan view, elevation view, what kind of lumber, what size lumber, how big the posts, how far apart the posts are, how far apart the joists are, etc. And... we do need pay for a permit...... then after we build we need pay them to inspect it and give us a certificate of occupancy that we can have people on it. I was like... wooooow.

So I printed off everything I had, including my huge supply list. I figured the more the better. Tim will try again tomorrow.

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