Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Deck - Level 3 - Cut Lumber

Wednesday, August 27

Tim and I didn't have too much time to work on the deck tonight after work. We were able to squeeze in cutting the lumber for the outside joists to frame the lowest level deck aka Level 3.

Here's the problem, when we put the piece in place, everything line up except for the front most pier. We figure that the tape on the masonry string must have moved and thus the j-bolt for the post base was off a couple of inches. This threw the square out of line.

From Deck

From Deck

My Dad stopped by and offered some advice. First, don't spaz... second... everything is fixable. His solution is not to use the post base bracket, that the joist would sit on, but to use a piece of Trex. It won't rot, would keep the lumber off the concrete and could be placed anywhere on the pier. So... that's what we'll do.

Also... earlier, when I was a work, my parents stopped by and chiseled out one of the main double support beams, as it a bit higher than the other one and throwing the level of the joists off a bit. Rather than plaining the entire board, it just needed to be lower where the joist was. Then I painted over the chiseled areas with a waterproofing sealer.

From Deck

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