Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Deck - Ordered Material List

Tuesday, August 19

Since we were happy with the quote that the Home Depot gave us for the deck materials, Tim had gone to accept the order. Unfortunately he ran into some issues. First off the pro-desk being understaffed. So he waited in line a looooong time.

While having the time waiting, he checked over the order and he discovered they changed out what screw type we had on the list. We had on the list 1 1/4" screw (for screwing into the 2x8 joists). They thought those were meant for the decking and changed it to 2 1/2" screw.

We understood, they thought they were helping by giving us by giving us longer screws, but it screwed up the order. It wasn't a simple fix either. It would either have to be resubmitted if we changed it back. The guy at the pro-desk was nice about it though, knowing that it was their fault, took the screws off the list, then rang op the correct screws separately and gave a 10% discount.

After that issue was fixed, Tim did order the materials. The bill was payed for by a variety of different payment methods, including our cash deck fund, gift cards and saved money. Thanks to our family & friends that contributed over the last couple of years!!!

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