Sunday, August 24, 2008

Deck - Last 2 Holes Dug, 4 More Piers Poured

Sunday, August 24

Today we dug out the last two post holes for the deck. It was not fun because these last 2 holes had tree trunks or roots or something from the house construction halfway down. We tried chopping through for an hour or so and gave up. We decided if we couldn't go deeper, we'd give them a larger base instead. My Dad dug out a wider hole base with a heavy-duty ice scraper, which actually worked very well.

After those were dug, Tim, my Dad and wanted to try to pour at least 2 piers. As we were pouring the last 2 if started to really thunder. We could tell it was getting closer and tried to hurry before it rained.

The original plan was to pour 2, but just when we thought we were done, my Dad would say "one more-one more". In the 3rd one we poured, which will be for the level 3 deck, I carved a 2008 in concrete. We just finished the fourth, heard a huge thunder, all looked at each other and scrambled to clean up before the rain came.

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