Monday, August 04, 2008

Deck - Meauring Elevation

Monday, August 4

In order to get a permit from the town, we're going to need 2 sets of plans. One is called the plan view, which is a top down. The other is called an elevation view, which is a view from the side.

Our backyard really slops a lot once you get past 15 feet off the house. We brought in about 3-4 feet of landfill height for the house when we built, but past 15 in back it goes *whoosh* and drops.

We needed to measure the elevation and put that into the diagram so that we knew what the land will do around the posts and concrete piers. Basically all you have to do is pound in some stakes, run a masonry string thats level from end to end. Then measure the height of the string to the ground along the length.

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