Monday, May 14, 2007

Trucks parked & planted crabapple

Monday, May 14

Today we got a shocker..... 3 trucks parked on our front yard. Not just any trucks.... trucks from our landscaper. They said mid-May... and it's mid-May... so here they are!

Tim talked to Sam, who said they'll be working tomorrow and grade and seed our yard. I can't freakn wait. The is so exciting I can't stand it. What a relief to know it's going to be done tomorrow and we can finally get our permanent occupancy.

Among that, I constructed the area for the crabapple and then Tim and I planted it in it's new home. I really like the area. I didn't have time to finish it and plant the shrubs, but I at least got the grass side of the edging in, so that when they seed tomorrow, they can backfill it.


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