Sunday, May 27, 2007


Sunday, May 27

My Mom and I had gone out scavenging for a Magnolia tree today. We drove all over the darn place and comically found one in the last place we had thought it would be... the closest nursery.

We had a 4 hr adventure of going to 6 different nurseries trying to track down the variety of Magnolia I was looking for, which was a Star Magnolia. It either comes with white or pink blooms. I was looking for the same as my Mom's, which has pink blooms. However, the only ones we were finding were one's with white blooms.

We did finally find a nursery that carried the pink kind..... ironically, it was the closest one. They don't have the best selection, so it was the last place we looked. They had the most similar kind as my Mom's, which is a "Jane" Magnolia. The Jane Magnolia has a shrub look to them and produces flowers in late spring that resemble slender tulips. The blooms are reddish-purple on the outside and white inside.

We were relieved to finally find it and called my Dad, who came with his truck to transport it. When we got back home, Tim helped my Dad move it into place as my Mom and I leveled it. It was a special moment for me to have the 4 of us plant it together. Magnolia's remind me of my childhood and my family, due to my grandmother, great aunts and parents having one. And when we have kids and they have their first homes, I'll get them one too :)

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