Saturday, May 05, 2007

Lanscaping - welcome shrub & weeping cherry area

Saturday, May 5

Today I'm working on an area that will serve two purposes. First, a welcoming area for our guests as they walk toward the front entrance. Second, a bed of shrubs that will shelter headlamps toward our neighbors house.

I started with laying out landscape fabric and then a layer of fine gravel. I used edging tracks around the area. They're L-shaped tracks that are staked into the ground, usually used when working with pavestones to keep them in place.

After the pavestones were in place, I cut through the landscape fabric and dug holes for the shrubs. I planted Bluestar Junipers alternated with barberry shrubs, which I'm going to let grow into each other for privacy.

Just as I was finishing planting the shrubs, my parents stopped by. It was perfect timing as they were on their way to Home Depot. I had gone with them and they helped me pick out a weeping cherry, that I had been eying for the the last week. I used a gift card, my parents gave me for my birthday, to purchased a Snowfountain weeping cherry. In spring it blooms little pinkish-whitish flowers. I thought it was a perfect welcoming tree for the entrance pathway.

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