Monday, May 28, 2007

Driveway-side planting bed

Monday, May 28

I worked a little more on the driveway-side planting bed today. Along with stacked some more logs, for the retaining wall, I flattened out the dirt a bit more. It's looking more like a property border now.

There use to be 2 cut-through trails being mowed, on the property next to us, that led to our property line. Now there's only the one. They stopped mowing the one it, after I cut off access to our property last week with the logs. Hopefully, now that I had laid logs down across the 2nd path, they'll get the idea that our property is not a cut-through and they'll stop mowing that path as well. When I get a chance.... I'm going to make it even more obvious with shrubs.

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