Thursday, May 03, 2007

Corrected Deed & Welcome shrub area

Thursday, May 3

Ok... if this is not one of the goofiest things. Besides the town irritated at us over extending our temporary occupancy over the darn front yard not being seeded, the other thing was the combining of the lots.

Originally, when the survey was done, it was suppose to show the 2 lots as one. but due to it having a dotting line on it, the town doesn't see that as 2. So we had to have our lawyer, my Godfather, write a correcting deed. It's basically an amendment to the deed from myself, to myself saying the 2 lots are now 1. How stupid is that?

Ok... so that's over... now onto the fun stuff. I designed a shrub area that will welcome our guests to the front door. This area will also be in steps, in height. I'm starting with the lowest level, which will be a shrub area that will help shelter headlights from beaming into our neighbor's windows.

I started the project with flattening out the area and tilling it with the handy-dany Mantis that my father-in-law gave us. I staked it out and measured out the materials needed. Next step is to get the supplies and construct it.

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