Friday, May 04, 2007

Cinderblock mayhap

Friday, May 4

Tim had quite the day running an errand for me. I had asked him to pick up the cinderblocks that we needed for the welcome area.

I thought that I had seen the brick colored cinderblocks at Home Depot, so that's where Tim had gone. He called me and told me they weren't there. It was only one of 2 places, so Tim then drove to Lowes, who then said that they didn't carry them either. Tim then tried another Home Depot, who did have them, but they were up high. So after Tim had help getting them, he was on the way to the register and the darn wheel on the cart came loose.

Now... would you laugh, if you told this? I couldn't help it.... I had too. Poor Tim.... driving all over and to have that happen.

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