Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Grass seeded!

Tuesday, May 15

Yep....finally... finally we have our yard seeded with grass! Our landscaper came today and graded then seeded the front side and backyard.

They also even dropped off a truck load of topsoil for free for us, from another job. The deal was though, that Tim had to move it were we needed it, then they'd flatten it and seed it while doing the rest.

So... poor Tim shoveled and shoveled this huge mound they had dropped off in the circle. He moved it with the wheel barrel. I was very proud of him.... that was a lot of work for one person. Tim started watering the seeds after they left, but didn't over do it, since it was suppose to rain at night.

It looked like it was just about to rain, when I got home, so I talked Tim into more labor and he helped me smooth out the rest of the pile, that was left in the circle. We smoothed it out as much as possible, but it still needs more work before we seed it. For one, I'd like to install the edging to the rest of the circle and smooth it out some more.

Tim still had more labor to do when my brother and uncle dropped by in the evening with some dirt my uncle gave to us, from a yard project of his own. It filled in a good amount on the side that we still needed to fill.

After that..... Tim looked like he wanted to drop.

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