Sunday, May 13, 2007

Circle - welcome shrubs area

Sunday, May 13

I wanted to have more privacy around the circle, so I decided to extend the shrub area around the circle. I'm going to construct an end area to match the square patio pavestone area I had just built. I had no idea what I was going to plant there, until I talked to my parents. My parents asked what about that crabapple tree I had at their house.

This was a tree I had previously thought had been devoured by deer. I purchased it almost 2 yrs ago, when I had thought the house would be done. My Dad informed me that the darn thing actually had leaves and a couple of flowers.

My Dad and I dug it out of the ground at my parents and brought it back to my house. I wasn't sure about it. It has an odd shape now, but my Dad assures me it will fill back in. Besides.... we all thought, why not, our yard has an odd shaped pine, why not a crabapple to match :)

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