Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Grading Driveway Side yard

Tuesday, May 22

Today we received a couple of loads of topsoil on the driveway side yard. Tim worked his but off to spread out the first load, before the second load arrived and spread more into the driveway.

When I got home, I finished up grading that area and tiled a shallow trench along our property line. In the trench I started lining it with logs, for a temporary retaining wall. This will serve as two purposes... first being a retaining wall for the topsoil and driveway and second a property line.

Before we bought the lot, there was a trail running through it to the property in back of ours. Apparently the fact that there's a house now it's obvious enough, that's it's private property now, cause people are still using our yard as a cut-through. I'm hoping that a retaining wall and some nice evergreens, along with some barberry shrubs will change trespassers minds.

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