Monday, April 24, 2006

Septic - problem resolved

Monday, April 24

In the late afternoon, I got word from Tim, G&K sewer finally did show up. Denny did figure out what was wrong. This time it actually wasn't the outlet (shocking I know). It turned out to be the bottom float on pump was stuck on the wall.

He also installed a tamper seal on the lid. He stated that he wouldn't give us a warranty without it, which is fine, as long as he stands by that statement.

Apparently Denny was in rare form when he was there. However TIm didn't get the full effect that I had cause he wasn't swearing, like he was when I had met him on the day of installation. He was however giving Tim grief and trying to stir up some sort of trouble.

For instance...... apparently he was checking up on us and called Barden and stated that we give subcontractors trouble. Tim said he went off on him about his accusations. He reminded him that he was the one that pointed out how much the original plumber screwed up and reminded him that was swearing, in front of me, cause was so pissed about the plumbing screw-up.

After Denny had a refresher of that day, Tim stated to him that he has no idea of the details nor issues and to not jump to conclusions based on talking to Barden (who's going to talk bad about us)..... and that we only had issues with the sub-contractors that had caused damage or had been unprofessional to us.

I swear he just wanted to cause some trouble though........ he stated many things to Tim, that caused a very untrustworthy feeling for me. Like......... he stated that we were against code for having a garbage disposal and that it was illegal with sand filters, but side-barred to Tim that "he won't tell anyone".

I knew it was BS, but just to make sure, I directly checked with a friend of mine at the Healthy Dept,, who that basically stated he was full of s---. The only thing the Heath Dept advises is not to put large amounts of food in the disposal cause it takes longer to break down and recommend to get the septic cleaned out on a more regular basis than if we didn't have one.

*roll eyes*........ yep..... I just love when people BS.

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