Friday, April 21, 2006

Botanical Gardens - Bamboo plant

Friday, April 21

Yesterday I left work early to go to the Botanical Gardens with my parents. We go every year around Easter time to catch the show. When I was in the gift shop I had seen bamboo plants for sale. I had mentioned that I was surprised that no one had gotten us a bamboo plant yet. So, my Dad decided to get me one :)

I love the cool little bamboo plants that are out there these days. I mentioned to Tim that I wouldn't mind having one in every room. I think he thought I was kidding :)

Anyways.... I put my bamboo plant in one of the vases left over from our centerpieces at our wedding. I filled the bottom with sea glass, placed the bamboo in it and set it on the hearth. I love it..... it's so zen looking..... thanks Dad :)

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