Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Garage Door Opener - Barden issue

Tuesday, April 4

So... a while back in December of last year, I purchased a garage door opener (out-of-pocket), because I had been under the impression that one didn't come with the package. It wasn't installed when the garage door was installed, nor did anyone mention anything about it being part of the package. Well... apparently it was part of the package.

We found this out by contacted the overhead door company. A bill was sent to us for the overhead door recently. This was strange to us because the door was installed way back in 2005 on May 9th. Tim called up Mike, at Sales Associates of WNY and asked what the heck is that about. Apparently the Overhead door people get paid when the job is complete.... which is something no one brought up at closing. And apparently a door opener was also in the package..... which no one told us about either.

The opener was never covered in any meeting we had...... nor were we even asked what kind of opener we wanted. We had no selection, no one asked us if that model was ok or if we wanted to upgrade.... nothing.

Tim was told by Mike that it was our fault for stopping contact. Now I ask you..... how is something that happened months before we even had issues with Mike our fault? Not to mention the fact that we never had stopped contact (as our phone records prove). This is plain and simple something that Mike or Joe failed to mention and now is shifting blame.

Also... beyond that....... besides finding out that info.... we also found out that the wiring for the door opener remote was covered up, by drywall. Wait... wait..... but I thought that Joe stated that it was a "perfect" drywall job......... hmmmm. Here's my favorite. The person that Tim talked to at the overhead door place said that Barden is famous for covering over their wiring.

Anyways..... Mike tried to blame this on us and even stated that Barden has nothing to do with it and that we'd have to take it up with the subcontractor to get a refund. Mike freakn lied to Tim straight out about that one. The overhead door people said that the door opener had already been paid for by barden and we need to get the refund through Barden. I'm so sick of finding out Mike lied about something.

Oh.... here's the other kicker..... Mike also stated that he was done talking to Tim, he ruined his day by calling and hung up on him. Niiiiiiice customer service there Mike. Somehow I find it hard to believe owners with $400,000 builds would be treated that way.

The good news is that the owner of the overhead door company was nice about everything..... and even talked Tim through were to find the wiring (under the freakn drywall). He also said that if Mike gave us trouble with the refund, just let him know and we could pick up the opener (since it was ours) and then we could at least sell it to recoup some of the money.

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