Monday, April 24, 2006

Septic issue - phone call

Monday, April 24

Tim talked to Denny, owner of G&K Sewer in the morning. I was present, but decided to stand on the sidelines, cause I knew I'd just yell.

You have to love it..... he actually told Tim that that it's not maintenance free. Like no kidding.... every 3-4 yrs we have to get it cleaned out, but I'm sorry, I've never heard of an owner having to run an extension cord every week to the outlet in order for it to work.

This dude then actually had the audacity to state that he'd charge us to fix it. Um.... like no.... esp if it's due to crappy workmanship, not to mention the fact that it's not even a yr old.

Tim then asked who had done the original electrical. First Denny stated we should contact our electrician and blamed it on him, that it must be his fault. Tim came back at him with the fact that we had talked to our electrician and he had nothing to do with the septic electrical.

After dancing around the issue for more than 5 minutes of Tim re-asking him, he admitted that he had done the electrical. Tim asked if he was a certified electrician and if not, why was he doing the electrical work, instead of an certified electrician. He told Tim that he does it all the time and no one ever complained before.

Yeah... ya know what I call that..... luck.

So.... apparently.... the town has no jurisdiction over the septic electrical work, cause the septic is the county's jurisdiction. But get this..... the county apparently checks to make sure that the septic is up to health codes. That's it.... as long as the septic works.

No wonder why the electrical looked like a half-ass job.... no one freakn checks it..... and G&K sewer apparently know that.

Well.... after that, we basically stated tim him that maybe he should've had a certified electrician hook it up, cause we're sick and tired of running an extension cord to it to jury-rig it to work.

He finally said that he'd be over later today to fix it. Tim also called Brain to ask his opinion on how he normally hooks up a septic, when he's hired to install the wiring. Tim also called Jerry, our plumber, out of curiosity, and asked him the same. Jerry stated that he never hooks it up himself and has an electrician do it. Damn it, I thought.......... I wish we met Jerry before we starting building.

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