Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Closet Configurations

Wednesday, April 5

After not having any idea how I wanted my side of the closet set up, I decided that maybe it should have a setup with that in mind. The white wire shelving is easy to install, but once it's gets nailed in, that's it. I thought of the brackets that can be bought, but I was never crazy about the "white" look anyways.

I came across a solution that I believe will work well. It's a closet kit made by Rubbermaid name Closet Configurations. It's a wire shelf system that you can configure anyway you want. And unlike traditional wire shelves, the wires don't have to be cut cause it works with a telescoping format. Best of all, it has a nickel finish, so it matches our other decor.

Tim and I installed it today. And it's just as it advertised. It was fast, simple and we were able to rearrange it when we didn't like something.

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