Thursday, April 20, 2006

garage opener - fax to Mike

Thursday, April 20

So we get word from Sales Associates of WNY about the garage door opener. Apparently they won't give us a refund for the opener without a receipt. That I didn't have a problem with. What I had a problem with is Mike's attitude. They made it sound like the world would end if I didn't fax the info right away.... like pronto... and copped an attitude with us like they had been waiting months for this.

Um... wait..... is this the same office that couldn't bother calling us back promptly, but yet they want the fax asap. Please.

I was so irritated. I not only faxed Mike the receipt.... I faxed the cover of the manuel and a picture of our installed opener. Also included was a nice little note on there.......

"Just a random thought....
If I was considered the general contractor, on paper, (and every single decision goes through the GC), it's interesting how the garage door opener (among many other things) were decided upon by yourself or Joe Bologna, then ordered without asking or having any knowledge of preference to which Tim or I wanted.

Where's the paperwork stating that we were asked what kind and what brand or features we wanted in the garage opener?.... If we wanted a belt driven or chain or keyless entry?

It's been stated that I was the GC on paper, but in reality, decisions were made without our knowledge (period)"

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