Sunday, April 30, 2006

Built Wood Cart

Sunday, April 30

Today I was feeling constructive enough to take on a project that I've had an idea about for while now. I have many good scrap pieces of wood left over from trim-work and such that I want to keep them, but I want them organized and mobile. I been wanting to build a wood cart and I decided today was the day to do it.

I had left over lumber in the basement that was perfect for this project. Using it I killed 2 birds with one stone... got rid of the lumber in the basement and organized other lumber with it. I cut it all up, screwed it together and even screwed some caster wheels on it. I made it with 4 areas to stand the wood in. The 2 ends can hold longer thinner pieces, cause it's more constrained area and the center areas are for the larger pieces.

It turned out well I think.......... lookout.... chick with hand-tools :) . Anyways.... now my piles of wood are mobile if need be....... and I will need to do that soon, cause next on my list is to paint the garage.

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