Saturday, October 07, 2006

Trees - planted Japanese Maple & Redbuds

Saturday, October 7

We had taken the day off from working with the wallstone to plant our trees, before the weather gets any worse. Finally our little Japanese Maple has a home and my parents don't have to tree-sit my Redbuds anymore.

Way back when, last year, when our house was suppose to be finished, I had purchased 2 Eastern Redbuds online, from Nature Hills. They bloom in the spring with vibrant pink blooms, then develop green leaves, turning yellow in Fall. They will grow to about 15 foot, so we planted them a good 30 foot apart. Since being showy trees, we planted them upfront and center, near the road. After they fill in, they'll take up that empty space, below the larger front Ash trees, nicely.

If all goes well, hopefully they will grow to look as pictured on the store's website.

The little Japanese Maple was planted in the circle. Even though it's just a little guy now, we planted it a good distance away from where we'll plant the Magnolia tree next year. I had a good chuckle afterward. When next to the garage, it looked bigger, but in the wide open area of the circle, it looks like a tiny shrub.

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