Sunday, October 15, 2006

Storm Aftermath

Sunday, October 15

The aftermath of the last weeks storm is still be dealt with. Power is still out for a lot of people. The morning and afternoon was filled with the sound of chain saws. People are trying to clean up their yards of broken tree limbs and piling them by the roadside.

With all the snow melted, we were able to see the low spots that collected water. Unfortunately one of which was right were we planted the little Japanese Maple. So we spent the morning moving soil from the backyard to that area of the circle, so that it was higher than the driveway.

When power was out, we also realized another thing we had been neglecting. The fire wood. Now that bad weather was here, we want to keep them dry. We brought in the garage a good amount, but I only had one tarp, for now, to cover one of the log cords with. I'll have to pick up a couple more.

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