Friday, October 13, 2006

Freak October Storm

Friday, October 13

Well... apparently there's something to Friday the 13th. We just had a freak storm come out of no where. It started last night and today everything was shut down. Over a 100,000 people lost power, due to down power lines.

We lost power in the morning..... ironically just after I invited my parents over for breakfast, since they lost power last night. We got it back in the tonight, but my Parents are still without power. My in-laws lost power last night, but got it back, then lost it again.... ironically when we had gone there to catch our favorite TV Show.

It was a such a freak storm. Due to leaves still being on trees, the weight of the snow on them just ripped off branches like they were toothpicks. Whole trees feel over because of it. My parents lost a large evergreen. It feel right over their driveway. Every property on my road lost at least one main branch off of front yard trees, that I could see..... and I'm not exaggerating!

I have never seen such tree devastation, from a snow storm in my entire life. This morning, I had taken a drive around, with my Parents, it was like a disaster zone with all the tree branches. It was crazy..... just crazy. We received maybe about 3 or so inches, but by my work I heard there was almost 2 feet.

Thankfully the new trees we planted are babies and easily bounced back, once the snow melted. And it melted fast... the snow was almost all gone by night time. And yes..... our Pine made it through just fine. It had no broken limbs..... surprisingly.

Well.... apparently mother nature didn't want me to do any landscaping today :)

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