Saturday, October 21, 2006

Circle - nuggets & Tim's party

Saturday, October 21

Well.... people are still dealing with aftermath of that freak storm, from last Friday. We lucked out. We just lost power just for one day, but my parents lost it for 3 days. I have co-workers that still don't have power. As of yesterday morning, there are still 50,000 people without power. Crews can't get at the wires until they remove the broken tree limbs and branches hanging over the lines.

Last Saturday, we were actually going to have a bday party for Tim, but with the storm we had post-phone it till today. It'll be the his first birthday party in the new house, so we're really excited to have everyone over. One of Tim's friend's is coming from out of town, so we might even have our first overnight guest, if he doesn't want to drive back tonight.

Before guests arrived, there was one last thing I want to finish in the circle this season. I wanted add the decorative gravel nuggets in Area B of the design. I really wanted things to look nice, when people showed up.

I had Tim pick up 5 bags of nuggets on Thursday. I laid the landscaping fabric and dumped the nuggets, then we quickly realized that 5 bags of nuggets covers a diddly amount. So, Tim and I picked up 10 more bags of the nuggets this morning. We dumped them all.... bringing it to 15 bags equaling 750 lbs of nuggets :)

The nuggets were a lot of fun to work with. It transformed that area very quickly into a zen space. I love it.... I absolutely love the terra-cotta color nuggets. It really makes the wallstone pop now. And I love the contrast of the terra-cotta to the green of the juniper.

Now the outside is starting to balance with the inside a bit more. We at least have a little bit of curb appeal. Well...... if you look beyond the mud :)

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