Sunday, October 08, 2006

Circle - Wallstone (Area B)

Sunday, October 8

We started on the 2nd area (Area B) of the circle landscape design. This will be lined with stone, not as high as the square area, but a course higher than the grass area.

We started this morning with digging a trench, for where the wallstone will be laid. The we had taken a trip to Home Depot to purchase another set of cider blocks, to act as a base for the wallstone.

When we had gotten back, I lined the trench with landscapers fabric and a course of gravel. Tim lined the trench with the cider blocks, then I leveled them. After than, we started the first course of wallstone. I was fairly easy, compared to the square area. It was just a curved line to follow, no corners to worry about. The only thing I worried about was that it was level at the way around.

Also today I installed another awesome product that I recommend. It's a 100ft garden hose reel, by Frontgate. This thing is awesome. Granted.... I've only used it twice so far, but I love it. It's a 3/4" 100ft hose that reels itself back in, much like my 25ft electrical cord reel, in the garage. It stakes right into the ground and can pivot 360 degrees. It's a great product. Once we staked it, It was so easy to pull out to our newly planted Redbuds 90 feet away, give it a little tug and let it reel itself back in.

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