Friday, October 13, 2006

Freak Storm

Friday, October 13

After the snow started to melt and our yard turned into a lake, we decided to double check the basement and see how things were. The first thing we check was the sub-pump and made sure the water was pumping out ok, since the power was back on.

We did notice a leak though..... in a place we had been checking all along. That place was where our lovely first plumber Sean punched through the Superior Wall for the water meter. After we hired Jerry, we noticed that one of the things Sean had done was A. Put the meter too close for our comfort to the Circut Box.... and B. instead of having the pipe go in between the support concrete beams, he put it right threw the side of the beam. On top of the that, he didn't even seal it properly, according to Superior Walls, which caulked around it for us.

Anyways... we do have a leak starting exactly in that spot. *sign*.... yep... our foreman really found us a winner.... didn't he? I mean the whole idea of getting the Superior Walls was so that we didn't have to deal with leaks. Now we have to, because of our foreman who didn't coordinate anything and found us an inexperienced plumber............. jerk! arggg.

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