Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pine - drain pipe

Sunday, September 17

Today we had fun digging in the clay. In order to build my retaining wall, a drain pipe needs to be installed. So Tim and I dug out a ditch today that led out past the soon to be sitting area, by our pine tree.

When that was done, we had gone to HomeDepot, bought a perforated black drain pipe and landscapers fabric. The headed over to the town nursery where we purchased a couple bucket loads of gravel.

The landscapers fabric is used on the bottom to stop mud and such from clogging up the perforated pipe, then gravel goes down for drainage, then the pipe, another layer of gravel and finally landscapers fabric covers everything. I wanted to get that done, just in case that area gets covered with landfill, we won't have to dig it out again.

Soon, I'd like to purchase some wall stone. I originally wanted to use retaining wall blocks, but I was so much more attracted to natural stone. People have been building natural stone walls for centuries.... and if it's built well it will last. It's obviously more work, but you me..... just like putting the bamboo flooring on a 45, I just can't help myself.

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