Monday, September 25, 2006

Circle - Wallstone

Monday, September 25

Last week on the 18th, one of the places we had gone, besides meeting up with Tom, was to go to a landscape nursery. I've been searching for a stone yard in our area, but unfortunately the quarries have recently closed and there aren't many places locally to purchase wallstone anymore. I did find a nursery that's only 10 min away, but being late in the season there's not much to choose from.

Fortunately, the wallstone we liked was actually what they still had in stock. The colors match our stone veneer fantastically well. They had 2 full pallets left. So I purchased them.

It was an interesting experience talking to the owner, who was actually very knowledgeable and gave us tons of useful information about building a stone wall, as well as landscaping and other building info. The reason this was an interesting experience was because we had to look past the owner being a cross-dresser. Ooooohhh... let me tell you about being caught off guard :) Looking past that.... he was by far one of the most knowledgeable and nice person we've run into during the building process.

Today the 2 pallets of wallstone were delivered. So we could get started on building the square stone wall, for the raised flower bed, that the magnolia tree will reside in.

The first course was going down very nicely. I've read that the first course sets the tone. It needs to be stable and as wide as at least half the height of the final wall height, for stability.

I love it so far. I'll tell ya though.... it's a lot of work. Some of those pieces have to weigh at least 30-40 pounds. I could really feel it in my legs and my arms when I was done for the day.

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