Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Front Yard - Graded & flattened

Tuesday, September 19

Well... just as Jerry stated, if Tom says they'll come, they will come.... and they came. At 7:30, just as I was about to hop into the shower, I heard some rumbling that sounded like a truck. Sure enough, Tim yelled in that they were here.

I stayed around for a few minutes, but I had to head to work.. It killed me to leave, but I looked forward to coming home to seeing a yard cleared of weeds.

It looked so awesome to drive up to the house, after work and see the weeds gone. *sign* I can't tell you how awesome it was.

Of course there is a catch. There's always a catch..... now with this contractor..... with our old friend Denise, from G&K. To confirm what we already decided about his professionalism, he's the type of contractor that gets in, gets out and doesn't offer anything beyond that.

Tim had a fabulous time on the phone with him today discussing the fact that the septic alarm had gone off this morning. Tom, our landscaper discovered what the issues were that Denise reluctantly looked into and had any answers for. Finally.... finally we get answers.... and not even by the person that installed it.

Apparently the reason why the alarm kept going off is because there's no where for the drain/run off water to go. We either don't have drainage culvert or it's blocked. The run off water from the downspouts, as well as septic has no where to go, the water raises during a heavy downpour, the float for the pump either shorts out due to all the water or something else that causes the water not to drain from the property.

Tom even came by, even though he said he had a full schedule, to look into things. That's what I view as professional. Having someone blame things on everyone else and not giving a care once they get paid is not a professional to me. And just because something is to code, doesn't mean that it's professional either.

Besides the poopy party of the day and having to deal with Septic installation issues again.... it was a relief to finally see the front yard taking shape. Tom will be checking into the culver and tomorrow hopefully we'll get things straighten out and all fixed up.

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