Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Front Yard - Graded, Septic Issues, Top Soil

Wednesday, September 20

Tom came to work on yard today. He and his crew came to clear & grade the yard some more.

He had come before I left for work, so I had the chance, with Tim, to talk about the septic and drainage issues before I left for work. One thing we found out was that the culvert was definitely blocked.

Tom said that was definitely the culprit for our reoccurring septic alarm. Due to the runoff water not having anywhere to go, it was raising in the pump tank and would cause the pump to overheat and turn off. The water would raise too high and set off the alarm. Not just that, but Tom and his crew found the float to be too high anyways, for the pump to turn on, so they lowered it to a better height.

Now my question is why couldn't G&K Sewer figure that out?

Also... oh... it gets better.... Denise @ G&K also had done a couple of other things I have choice words about. Mainly the fact that they hadn't installed any sort of easy access to the clean-out access panel. This means that we would have to have someone dig out the manhole (under the lawn) every time we had to have it maintained.

Also.... Tom asked us where our filter access was. We just looked at each other and shrugged. Considering that Denise STILL has not given us our manual, we had no idea what Tom was talking about. Apparently with a sand filter there is a filter that we're suppose to clean off every 6 months - 1 year. If it's not, we could have a backup inside the house. I was so pissed. That too was also buried, with no access.

We wound up deciding to purchase some access extender hatches, from Tom. They are a heavy duty green plastic dome for easy access. Tom unburied the septic to find the manholes and said that he'd install the domes for us this week.

It's really amazing..... how in about 30min Tom was able to figure out what G&K Sewers couldn't figure out in 8 months.

Amazing-amazing. Gee wis..... just makes me all warm and fuzzy with thoughts of our builders, Mike & Joe, from Sales Associates of WNY :)

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