Monday, September 18, 2006

Front Yard - Met Tom (Landscaping Co)

Monday, September 18

After getting several quotes and talking to several landscaping places, we decided in the end, to go with Tom, the man Jerry recommended. All we had to do was sign the contract and they were ready to get going on it. Tim had met Tom, but I hadn't until today. I had taken a half day and we met up with Tom at the office to go over and sign the contract.

He's very nice and reminds me a lot of Jerry..... fast paced, hard worker full of ideas and energetic. He's actually in a wheelchair, but gets right in the dozers and does a lot himself.

While chatting about the job, he asked several questions about the site, including septic. When we had mentioned the issues with the septic, he asked who had done it. When we mentioned G&K he gave one of those looks like.... "oh that's why". We got the feeling he didn't think much of his work, which we could understand after having so many issues with their professionalism.

Anyways.... Tim and I decided we were comfortable with him and the contract, so Tim signed it and gave him the deposit. So... if all goes well, they'll be starting tomorrow at 7:30 am.

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