Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Deck - Level 2 (Left) - Trex Decking

Tuesday, September 9

Since we decided the Aphano Hidden Deck Fasteners weren't the hidden fasteners we wanted to go with, I unscrewed the 3 boards we had started on the Level 2 (left) deck. I re-installed them using the Invisi-Fast Hidden Deck Fasteners.

It had gone much faster and smoother with the Invisi-Fast system. I was averaging about 10 min a board (including measuring and cutting) and installed 8 boards before my parents and my uncle came over. The rest of the deck my Mom and I had done together.... and we kicked butt installing almost all the Trex boards on the level 2 (left) deck.

From Deck

From Deck

From Deck

While we were doing that, my Dad and Uncle Andrew was fixing an issue with the right level 2 deck. After looking at it, we realized it wasn't as square as we thought. They unscrewed all the joists, trimmed them up a bit and screwed them back into place.

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