Monday, September 01, 2008

Deck - Finished Joists, Trex Decking Started

Monday, September 1

Main level
The first thing on the agenda this morning was to finish up the joists for the main level deck. My Dad, Mom and I measured and cut rest of the main level joists and put them in place. These were some big boards to move around as some of them were 16 foot 2x8's. And on top of that, they had to have a 45 degree angle cut on one end. While we were doing that Tim came along, with a close quarter drill, and screwed them into the joist hangers. After we finished the rest of the main deck joists, we started Installing the rest of joist hangers for the other decks.

Level 2R
We cut and installed the joists for the left 2nd level deck after installing the joist hangers. These were a lot easier to do than the main level deck joists because they were just straight cuts. We had to chisel away a little wood on some of the joists as some of them were a little sitting a little too tall.

Level 3
The right 3rd level deck was next. Even though it was a smaller deck, it was actually a bit harder to install the joists because there wasn't a lot of room to maneuver the drill around and screw them in.

Level 2L
The right 2nd level deck was the last to have joists installed. My Dad and my uncle Andrew cut joists, then my Mom and I shimmed them to level them, due to them being the last of our boards and not the best pickings anymore.

From Deck

From Deck

From Deck

From Deck

Trex Decking and Invisi-Fast Hidden Deck Fasteners
Well... since the joists were all in place that meant that we could actually start on the Trex decking boards. After Andrew cut the first board it was demo time. Instead of the traditional way of screwing the deck boards from the top, we decided to go with Invisi-Fast Angle hidden deck fasteners for the main deck. They are made specifically for installing decking on angles.

They're made from the same material that safety goggles are made from.... and are supposedly virtually indestructible. They seemed like an easy installation process, from their website, which is one of the reasons I chose them. (And they are Made in the USA, which is a plus). You just screw in the fastener to the joist, then screw 2 screws in from below, into the Trex board. The fasteners even come with a handy-dandy spacer as a part of the piece. The spacer is 1/4" wide and is the distance the Trex boards needs for expansion.

I started installing the first Trex board with the fasteners to give a demo about how they worked. It was just as simple of a process as the website stated. Mom helped me with the rest of the first board and next 2 boards, before calling it a day. I really liked the system. It was a small learning curve and it seemed to really hold the boards very securely.

From Deck

From Deck


Pat M said...


I am a representative of Trex and wanted to comment on your pictures. It was interesting to watch the progression of your Trex deck, even though we have not tested the Invisi-fast hidden fasteners.

I am sure you will get many years of enjoyment. Great job!

If I can be of further assistance, please feel free to contct me at or 800-BUY-TREX.

Pat M

Kristin said...

Thanks a lot for the complement! It was very cool of you to leave a comment on my blog.

So far we are really enjoying our deck. It was an easy product to work with. Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

I represent InvisiFast Hidden Fastening Systems. I am glad to see homeowners taking the initiative to use hidden fastening systems and not be intimidated by new technology. Trex has tested and approved InvisiFast Hidden Fasteners and the combination between decking and fasteners could not be better.

I would like to know if we may post a link to your blog from out website, and maybe get a link our website to your blogspot.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you for chosing InvisiFast Hidden Fasteners.

Brett J.

Kristin said...

Thanks for the comment. I made a link for the Invis-Fast site in my links area for you.